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Top 10 Best Sanitizers for Hand and Work out in 2018 Reviews

Hand sanitizers are now extremely common products in our day to day lives. They can be seen everywhere, from hospitals, gyms, homes, and even the workplace.

While they’re not as powerful as a good soap and water wash, they are still very effective and act against a wide variety of harmful germs. 

These are 10 of the best hand and body sanitizers that you should absolutely take along on a work-out session

10. Pocketbac Bundle of 5


This is a package of an assortment of a variety of hand and body sanitizers. This bundle contains 5 different hand sanitizers for you to choose from.

This is perfect blend of value and affordability seeing as you can’t get 5 different sanitizers for the price of this package. This product will ensure that you get a fresh new smell and feel every time you use any of the sanitizers in the bundle.


  • Offers a various products in one package.
  • Provides more value for your money seeing as you get 5 different products for the price of one.
  • Contains only good quality hand sanitizers.


  • You can’t select the specific sanitizer you want.
  • Could be bulky and cumbersome.


9. 5-Pack Pocketbac Sanitizers


This bundle of hand sanitizers contains 5 different, hand sanitizers from the Fresh Picked’ collection by Bath & Body-Works.

The nice thing about this bundle is that each of the sanitizers each come with their own unique scent. You get the option to choose between these different flavors every time you decide to use your sanitizer: Market Peach, Pink Passion fruit, Meyer Lemon, Sweet Tangerines, & Garden Strawberries. It doesn’t get any better than this.


  • Offers a variety in one package.
  • Each of the products are scented differently.
  • Provides incredible value for your money.
  • Each hand gel is packaged in a 29mL container.


  • Bundled flavors may be unpleasant to some.
  • The products are discontinued making them hard to find.


8. Bath & Body-Works Pocketbac Holiday Sparkle 5PC Bundle


This limited-edition bundle of 5 hand sanitizers from Bath & Body-works provides 5 different hand sanitizers.

The price which starts at $43 might put people off but since it is a limited edition, this is to be expected. This bundle of quality hand sanitizers has been extra-fortified to protect you against more strains of bacteria.

Few other hand sanitizers in the market will give you such protection and value for your money.


  • You get good value for your money.
  • Each of the bundled hand sanitizers contain a different flavor from the rest.
  • This bundle is a very rare limited-edition set making it somewhat unique.


  • Very expensive when compared to similar products in the market.
  • Bundled flavors may be unpleasant to some customers.


7. Pocketbac Bundle of 5 – Assorted Grab-Bag Bundle


This product is bundle of 5 separate hand sanitizers. The sanitizers come in a variety of different flavors and colors.

The bundle is somewhat expensive when compared to other options in the market. It is priced from $45. This product is an especially useful gift to give to females because of its bright colors.

This bundle is one of many produced by Bath & Body-works so you are ensured of good quality and protection against germs.


  • You get a very good value for your money.
  • Each of the bundled hand sanitizers contain a different flavor from the rest.
  • This bundle is an assortment of 5 different mixed Pocketbac hand and body sanitizers.


  • It comes in mainly bright colors which may be off-putting to some.
  • The bundle is very expensive when compared to other options in the market.


6. Sweet on You Pocketbac Bundle


This affordable bundle of 5 different sanitizers is perfect for gifting as a valentine gift.

Made of all-natural ingredients such as Tahitian Palm Milk, these sanitizers will get your hands and skin fresh, clean, and germ-free without the need for water.

Many health-gurus will particularly enjoy using this product because of its all-natural ingredients which is not normally found on hand sanitizers.


  • Very affordable with price starting at $30.
  • Uses only natural ingredients to reduce the risk of a chemical reaction.
  • Provides great value for money.
  • Can be paired with your favorite Pocketbac holder.


  • Comes in bright colors that may annoy some people.
  • Flavors might be unpleasant to some.


5. Bath & Body-Works 5 Pack Pocketbac Holiday Traditions


This is one of the most affordable Pocketbac hand sanitizer bundles in the market.

Starting at just $12, this bundle is a perfect gift for the holidays. Featured flavors include Peppermint, Vanilla, and Frosted coconut.

The option of choosing between such nice flavors are incredible especially when you consider the price you’re paying for this amazing bundle of hand sanitizers.


  • This is one of the cheapest products in the market.
  • Comes in a very nice-looking package.
  • Provides the most value for your money than any other bundle in the market.
  • Each sanitizer comes with a separate exciting flavor.


  • Flavors included may not appeal to some people.
  • Deceptive styling on the packaging.


4. Bath & Body-works Pocketbac Grab Bag Bundle Set (New Style)


This bundle comes with 5 separate hand sanitizers packaged in the latest style.

The affordable sanitizers all come with new and pleasant scents. Some of the scents bundled in it are not as common as the scents in most bundles.

You will hardly find the flavors included in this bundle in any other hand sanitizer bundles. This makes this bundle even more unique and special.


  • Very affordable with prices starting at $30.
  • Provides more value for your money.
  • New flavors may excite some customers.
  • Comes in the new style of packaging.


  • Some customers have reported poor packaging.
  • Some customers may not like the new flavors.


3. Bath & Body-Works Pocketbac Grab Bag Bundle Pack of 10


This unbelievably cheap bundle of hand sanitizers provides 10 different sanitizers as opposed to the popular bundle of 5.

It is also cheaper than almost all options in the market. It is even cheaper than most bundle of 5s making this the most valued bundle in the market.

Most other hand sanitizer bundles contain only 5 different sanitizers so you can imagine the surprise when I found out that this bundle contains an amazing 10 products for the price of a 5 pack bundle.


  • Incredibly cheap, with price starting at $19.
  • Provides the most value of any other bundle in the market.
  • Comes with 10 sanitizers instead of 5.


  • Many customers have reported empty products in the bundle.
  • Comes in a poor packaging.


2. Disney Portable Hand Sanitizer with Mickey & Minnie Mouse Holder


This bundle comes with 36 separate hand sanitizers. The sanitizers are Aloe Vera enhanced leaving your hands and skin feeling very smooth and nourished.

It also contains adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse holders with which you can attach anywhere.

The Aloe Vera is an amazing addition that definitely sets it apart from the pack seeing as it is not a common ingredient in other hand sanitizers.


  • Comes with 36 separate hand sanitizers.
  • Comes with holder to enable you attach it anywhere you want.
  • Enhanced with Aloe Vera and other skin-nourishing products.
  • Containers are refillable.


  • Very expensive with prices starting at $142.
  • Citrus scent may be overwhelming to some.


1. Tsum Tsum 6pk Mini Hand Sanitizer with Holder on Card


This cheap 6 pack hand sanitizer contains 6 different hand sanitizers for you to choose from.

Starting at just $15, the price is extremely affordable. It also comes with a card holder bundled with it. The 6 different flavors included in the bundle are sure to excite you as you get the option of switching flavors every time you use the products in this bundle.


  • Provides more value since it contains 6 sanitizers instead of the usual 5.
  • Very affordable.
  • Comes with a free, bundled card holder.


  • Some customers have reported poor packaging.
  • The flavors included may be too harsh for some people.


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